Erotic hypnosis audio downloads.


Drop deep for your Mistress.

The state-of-the-art hypnotic trance mp3’s on this site use a mixture of attention fixation, confusion, perception without awareness and other trance-inducing techniques, to induce a state of arousal and suggestibility towards the dominant woman you desire.

Hypnosis is a dis-associative process, and tends to induce short-term alterations in the perception of time, space and identity.

Adult mind-play, with no financial undertones.

Hypnosis is actually quite safe. Studies have demonstrated that a person won’t do anything in trance which would contradict their normal waking values. However, with that said, the best trances will always be achieved when a deep level of trust  has been secured. The hypnosis files on this site have been designed with your health in mind, so you can really let go into the experience and discover what it means to be dominated with hypnosis.

Prepare to be teased to the edge.

Many of the hypnotic files on this site are designed to encourage real behavioral changes, in relation to ones Mistress and/or other dominant women in ones life. If you are concerned about any unwanted side effects from erotic hypnosis we advise you stop listening. The unconscious mind is resilient and negative effects almost invariably fade in time.



One law. One power. One release. This mildly sadistic process includes real life exhibition which you will be performing within a controlled environment. Pretraining with 'Warden' and 'Primed to be pimped' will allow for strongest effect. It will come together, so to speak. Welcome ...


If Miss Mary has her way, you'll be cleaning feet. I have a real treat for you foot boys. Following on the explosive success of 'Pussywhip' , this bitter-sweet new slave-treat might just have you completely at the mercy of female feet. After listening ...


The order of grace. This fascinating new file will take you on a special journey - in which you learn how to act appropriately when you are in the presence of authority. Curious? I thought you would be, my good boy. This file is ...

Dejavu – Spin (a subliminal mind-fuck)

Inhale your destiny, slave. Where dejavu meets the nitrate family, with devastating effect. If you enjoyed 'dopamine shampoo', you'll be blown away by this sensational new re-work. Please note: This hypnotic file is for entertainment purposes only. I do not condone the use of ...