Femdom erotic hypnosis & sexual mindplay.

Experience real hypnotic domination.

On this site you will find professional femdom hypnosis recordings, designed to take you to those deep, dark places in your mind, which you wouldn’t be able to access in a normal waking state.

Ever wondered how it would feel to be hypnotically bound? To experience your own body under the control of your dream women? To allow your partner to put you in chastity? To experience an orgasm at the click of your Mistresses fingers?

Welcome to your HereHeSleeps. Offering you the very best of femdom hypnosis.

image20-177x300Elite mind-play, with no financial undertones.

We don’t want to drain you of your wallet. Just toy with your mind.

The hypnotic domination which you will experience on this website is very real & the result of extensive collective training in Ericksonian hypnosis.

Prepare to be seduced, reduced & re-orientated.

You want that, don’t you? Imagine the ecstasy coursing through your veins as you blissfully and gratefully respond to the woman who stands above you.



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One law. One power. One release. This mildly sadistic process includes real life exhibition which you will be performing within a controlled environment. Pretraining with ‘Warden’ and ‘Primed to be pimped’ will allow for strongest effect. It will come together, so to speak. Welcome …


If Miss Mary has her way, you’ll be cleaning feet. I have a real treat for you foot boys. Following on the explosive success of ‘Pussywhip’ , this bitter-sweet new slave-treat might just have you completely at the mercy of female feet. After listening …


The order of grace. This fascinating new file will take you on a special journey – in which you learn how to act appropriately when you are in the presence of authority. Curious? I thought you would be, my good boy. This file is …

Dejavu – Spin (a subliminal mind-fuck)

Inhale your destiny, slave. Where dejavu meets the nitrate family, with devastating effect. If you enjoyed ‘dopamine shampoo’, you’ll be blown away by this sensational new re-work. Please note: This hypnotic file is for entertainment purposes only. I do not condone the use of …