Experience real hypnotic domination.

Imagine – waking up to find a Mistress there in front of you. You are slightly confused, chanting phrases & tingling with bliss, with only vague memories of what has happened.

This is why people become so hooked on the bliss of erotic hypnosis. With our revolutionary multi-layer Ericksonian trance technology, this is a state which can be enjoyed to a level never seen before.

The state-of-the-art Femdom hypnosis mp3 sessions you will find on this site will condition you to respond to us, take you on erotic journeys & train you to unconsciously respond to other Mistresses in your life, opening up an exciting world of possibilities for you and your Dominant(s).

Erotic hypnosis is a state of deep inward focus, utilizing parts of your brain not normally active in a typical waking state.


We believe the enjoyment of erotic hypnosis is greatly enhanced when the submissive understands they are safe to let go completely & allow the conditioning to be experienced on a fully unconscious level.  It is for this reason that you will find no financial domination on this website, just pure unadulterated hypnotic domination in its most potent form.

Do not listen to any of these sessions whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

 Most popular sessions -


Locked and aroused

The functions of that hard penis, in the firm hands of your Mistress. Can you hear the click of metal on metal? Is it time to enter trance? The deeper you fall, the more you are becoming locked onto the very idea of chastity ...

Dejavu 1 – Dopamine

Better than a drug. The first in the dejavu series of training files. Its time to feel that dopamine flow like never before. Includes – Deep arousal, deep submission, complex amnesia triggers, safety net enforcement, triggered arousal, training. Check out the sample before buying. ...

Under Her Spell

Discover true bliss. True subspace. ' Maybe you enjoy chocolate. Rich creamy coffee. Maybe you crave to obey. I wonder - are you a craver? ' Confused and aroused - that's how this session will make you feel. Confused and gagging for more. Aching to serve ...


Have you ever dreamed of owning a zoo? I have. Take a walk with me today and i'll show you something special. My own personal animal order. Crystal clear multi-track obedience enhancement and implementation session. Not to be missed. Please note this session includes ...