What happens in the chamber – stays in the chamber.

Your relationship with nipples is about to take an exciting new turn. As you find yourself craving and obsessing intimately serving nipples, your body will be acting out certain patterns of behavior. Patterns of behavior which will lock you deeper and deeper into a delicious cycle of nipple-domination.

What happens if you decide to turn back? You will find out.

As always this session contains a complex safety-net for your mental health and overall well-being. Its nice to know you are being taken care of. You enjoy being taken care of right?

For the full experience, requires preconditioning with the Dejavu series. Training with ‘Locked and aroused’ also advantageous.

Please note – This session utilizes advanced multi-track subliminal technology. Please listen through good headphones or speakers for full effect.

Full length training session (39 minutes)


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Duration: 39 minutes

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