I am Ciara. You’re Mistress of erotic hypnosis.

Welcome to your exciting new future  of arousal and deep trance submission.

I am the co-founder of HereHeSleeps & have been performing professional hypnotic domination for over 5 years.

All my erotic hypnosis and femdom subliminal training  sessions  use a mixture of Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, to push your submissive arousal to new heights.

Since I began in the business, over 5 years ago, my erotic hypnosis sessions and trance training has gained world-wide praise.

The next level in your hypnotic training.

You want that, don’t you? The bliss of subspace is addictive. That divine ecstasy which oozes through your veins when you are responding perfectly.

Sample and buy my sessions below.



Secret and unapparent information. The presence of one thing, within another thing, so that the thing which is included is ...
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No Hiding Place

You have a big secret. Other woman you meet - they can sense it you know. You are Ciaras bitch ...
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Crystal ball

Imagine - staring into my crystal ball and seeing a reflection. A reflection of someone your sure you know, yet ...
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Satisfaction – Immaculate Response #3

IMMACULATE response 3 Satisfaction - it's wonderful thing. I wonder if you can imagine the pleasure and satisfaction of being ...
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Perfect Puppy – Immaculate Response #2

IMMACULATE response 2 Its time to let yourself go. Get in touch with the animal inside you. Experience wild, untamed ...
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