Feel the fabric of my warped desires.

You do want to be a good boy for me don’t you? Thats right. So go ahead and add this exquisite mystery trance to you’re training.

Maybe I’ll release a more complete description of this file in a few weeks. Until then its a snap into the wild unknown.

You’ll love it.


THEMES – Panties,  pink, bimbo, triggered bisexuality, amnesia, body dissociation, female authority, conditional chastity (an action  of service must be performed in order to reach orgasm).
HUMILIATION – Mild to moderate. No public humiliation.
POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION(S) – Yes. Related to secretly wearing panties. 
ORIENTATION – Triggered to become bi-sexual.
WARNINGS – Might include suggestions to crave Miss Mary’s trances and programming.  Includes suggestions to become addicted to panties.
SAFETY NET – Yes. However, for best effect and peace of mind I strongly recommend you pre-train with the Dejavu Series. 

Full length, multi-track erotic hypnosis training and enhancement file (45 minutes)

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Duration: 45 minutes

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