The functions of that hard penis, in the firm hands of your Mistress.

Can you hear the click of metal on metal? Is it time to enter trance?

The deeper you fall, the more you are becoming locked onto the very idea of chastity for me. The more locked and aroused you become, the harder it becomes to control your own penis. The harder it becomes, the more you are surrendering to your Mistress automatically. Surrendering, because its so nice to melt in the palm of my hands. Melting and dripping – into the palms of my hands.

Feeling so safe and warm in my control, when you tingle for me.

This session will blow you off your feet.

This session contains a safety and therapy net, designed to improve your performance when engaging in sexual intercourse with any other person.

Please note – This session utilizes advanced multi-track subliminal technology. Please listen through good headphones or speakers for full effect.

Full length training session (39 minutes)


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Duration: 39 minutes

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