Femdom erotic hypnosis, with Miss Mary.

I could be your darkest and most chilling fear, or your deepest fantasy. In fact I might be both at the same time. Chilling thought, no?

I’ve been involved in the domination scene for as long as I can remember.  I got into the NYC leather scene when I was 19 and since then have undertaken a rewarding career and lifestyle in domination and eroticism – gathering many devoted followers and good obedient subs along the way.

Hypnotic domination.

My erotic hypnosis is designed to train you to be a better submissive, to me and your other Mistresses, programming your mind to respond to my triggers. If this is not your first time with me then you are probably already discovering that responding to my suggestions is a deeply pleasurable experience and one that can have life-altering implications.

Photo by Dov Hetchman

Photo by Dov Hetchman

There’s nothing you need to do consciously as you sit back,let go and allow my silky voice to massage your mind and clean your thoughts.

Safety net assurance.

Your health is important – all my Femdom hypnosis sessions have an extensive safety-net system, to assure that your hypnotic surrender to me is safe, healthy & deeply enjoyable. I do not involve myself in financial Domination. To me devotion and unconditional submission of self is more important than money.

Now, sit all the way back and enjoy.

Click on a session below to sample, before purchasing. I recommend beginning with the Dejavu Series, since this series will condition you to respond automatically and condition you to my triggers, preparing your mind for the other sessions.


Most Popular Sessions –

Locked and aroused

The functions of that hard penis, in the firm hands of your Mistress. Can you hear the click of metal on metal? Is it time to enter trance? The deeper you fall, the more you are becoming locked onto the very idea of chastity for me. The more locked and ...

Dejavu 1 – Dopamine

Better than a drug. The first in the dejavu series of training files. Its time to feel that dopamine flow like never before. Includes – Deep arousal, deep submission, complex amnesia triggers, safety net enforcement, triggered arousal, training. Check out the sample before buying. Please note - This session utilizes ...

Under Her Spell

Discover true bliss. True subspace. ' Maybe you enjoy chocolate. Rich creamy coffee. Maybe you crave to obey. I wonder - are you a craver? ' Confused and aroused - that's how this session will make you feel. Confused and gagging for more. Aching to serve me. It's a convenient ...

Brain Surgery #1 – Examination

Strip down to the core for me. Take a look around you. Clearly, this is no ordinary surgery. Be under no illusion, I am a Mistress. It’s time for your... examination. The one which you've been waiting for, for such a long time. Take off those layers for me. Strip ...


Newest Sessions –


If Miss Mary has her way, you'll be cleaning feet. I have a real treat for you foot boys. Following on the explosive success of 'Pussywhip' , this bitter-sweet new slave-treat might just have you completely at the mercy of female feet. After listening to this file, you'll hunger female ...


The order of grace. This fascinating new file will take you on a special journey - in which you learn how to act appropriately when you are in the presence of authority. Curious? I thought you would be, my good boy. This file is ideal for those who have already ...

Dejavu – Spin (a subliminal mind-fuck)

Inhale your destiny, slave. Where dejavu meets the nitrate family, with devastating effect. If you enjoyed 'dopamine shampoo', you'll be blown away by this sensational new re-work. Please note: This hypnotic file is for entertainment purposes only. I do not condone the use of 'poppers' or other room odorizers. Play ...

Snap 2 – Venom

The serpents saliva. Taking the network associations installed in Snap and exploding them to the next level, this high FX, subliminally enhanced file will rampantly inject the Snap virus into your life, in ways you can't yet imagine. Designed to be best enjoyed along with 'Locked and aroused' , 'Altered, ...