From the beaches of England to the shores of Vancouver Island my free spirit reigns supreme.

However, don’t take my fun loving attitude for granted. I like my pupils loyal, devoted, and disciplined.  After all, someone has to keep me smiling.

I like to unwind with an obedient toy at my feet and I’m sure before long you won’t have it any other way.

Now lie down, and relax. I’ve got plenty of work to do in that open mind of yours, a blank canvas just the way I like it.

At just 20 years old I have a remarkable amount of experience with hypnosis. Discovering My love for trance at a very young age, I have been subject to and subjecting men and women to trance since the earliest days of My sexual exploration. Nothing excites Me more than an open mind, except perhaps an open belt buckle.

My special interests include pet play, foot worship, behavioral modification and exploiting whatever makes you tick.

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My feet swirling around your mind, as you become more obedient. You crave my feet. Need to be at my ...
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