An injection.

Lets turn your world upside down.

Your wife , your mistress, your crush? There’s someone who you would love to trigger you.

Just imagine her – snapping her fingers, as a wonderful wave of ecstasy and desire to serve washes through you.

This powerful new session uses a loaded basket of Ericksonian hypnotic and subliminal mind programming techniques to install a trigger in such a way that it will activate differently, depending on the circumstance. The safety net insures that the intensity of the trigger is dependent on the set, setting and the person who you are with. That sweet, insatiable crush – she probably won’t even know she has triggered you. Yet the glorious flood of ecstasy to your eyes will likely awaken something deviant in her. Something she wants more of.

And that’s what makes this chain reaction so powerful. It all happens on the level of subconscious emotion.

And if something feels good – we repeat it. Again and again.

If you ever buy a femdom hypnosis file – let it be this one.

THEMES – Finger snaps, amnesia, body dissociation, female authority, conditional chastity (an action  of service must be performed in order to reach orgasm).
HUMILIATION – Mild to moderate.
POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION(S) – Yes. When in a safe space and a women snaps her fingers you will slip into a trance.
ORIENTATION – Heterosexual (this file is designed for males who desire females)
WARNINGS – Might include suggestions to crave Miss Mary’s trances and programming. 
SAFETY NET – Yes. Trigger designed to be activated only when healthy. For best effect and peace of mind I strongly recommend you pre-train with the Dejavu Series.


Full length, multi-track erotic hypnosis trigger installation file (51 minutes)


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Duration: 51 minutes

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