Have you ever dreamed of owning a zoo? I have.

Take a walk with me today and i’ll show you something special.

My own personal animal order.

Crystal clear multi-track obedience enhancement and implementation session. Not to be missed.

Please note this session includes themes and suggestions of animalization, captivity, exploitation, mental enslavement and obedience to me. I strongly recommend you first listen to the Dejavu series, as this erotic hypnosis mp3 assumes the safety net and triggers already installed in said series.

THEMES – Captivity, animals (to feel like an animal), orgy, mild feminization, mild programmed bisexuality, obedience, domination, amnesia.
IN TRANCE GUIDED FANTASY – Zoo warden fantasy.
ORIENTATION – Heterosexual or bisexual. Undertones of programmed bisexuality.
WARNINGS – Might include suggestions to crave Miss Mary’s trances and programming. Includes suggestions which might encourage feminization and bisexuality.
SAFETY NET – This file has the potential to cause unexpected alterations in behavior. For best effect and peace of mind I strongly recommend you pre-train with the Dejavu Series. The dejavu series is designed to implant a safety net, to help prevent any unhealthy effects and promote inner calm and happiness.

Full length, multi-track training session (37 minutes)


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Duration: 37 minutes

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