Sensual erotic hypnosis featuring world renowned Ciara and friends.

Welcome to Here He Sleeps, where you will find an exciting collection of erotic Ericksonian hypnosis & NLP featuring Ciara and various other hypno-dommes.

We are proud to provide you with real erotic and femdom trances, featuring NLP and advanced Ericksonian hypnosis.

Custom sessions are likely to be granted on request. Email us at our individual addresses (found on the contact page) if you are interested.


Introducing Miss Mary

Photo of Miss Mary by House Of Indulgence

Photo of Miss Mary by House Of Indulgence

Miss Mary is a lifestyle fetishist and infamously established dominatrix, from New York.

With her silky-golden voice and powerful presence her sessions are mind-shatteringly good and we hope to have many more to come soon. Keep checking back.

Update 18/05/14¬†- New session ‘Latex Eclipse’ by Miss Mary is out now. Check out her page for more info and sample.