MP3s by Ciara
You really want it.

Programming Definition: Secret and unapparent information. The presence of one thing, within another thing, so that the thing which is included is not apparent. In this session you will be learning sweet restraint. You will be experiencing just how pleasurable it feels to be restrained. Perfectly restrained – for Ciara. All resistance encapsulated in your [...]

You have a big secret. Other woman you meet – they can sense it you know. You are Ciaras bitch. For the next 7 days it will be impossible to run from this penetrating fact. Why? It’s a surprise. This is a 7 day commitment. Try to drop out – you’ll just find yourself deeper. [...]

Imagine – staring into my crystal ball and seeing a reflection. A reflection of someone your sure you know, yet something is altered. As time passes this alteration feels increasingly natural. If you have already listened to ‘magic word’ you will already know that every time you return to my voice, your unconscious is going [...]

IMMACULATE response 3 Satisfaction – it’s wonderful thing. I wonder if you can imagine the pleasure and satisfaction of being completely and fully aligned to female satisfaction. My satisfaction. My sweet satisfaction. You don’t have to imagine much longer. This revolutionary trance will guide you to a state of mind completely pointed towards the pleasure [...]

IMMACULATE response 2 Its time to let yourself go. Get in touch with the animal inside you. Experience wild, untamed pleasure of submission and unleash the canine part of you. The joy of pleasing me so perfectly. The unmatched pleasure of being my perfect panting puppy. I am proud to present the second in the [...]

IMMACULATE response 1 The first in the ‘immaculate response’ series, this exciting new hypnotic trance will train you to go so blissfully deep, whilst setting the conditions for the rest of the series. Not only is this a very nice standalone session , it is also great to listen to before any other recording and [...]

Your candy coated dreams. Everyone loves candy. Its amazing the length some people will go to get it. In this sweet Pavlovian pleasure-swirl I will implant a trigger in your brain which I will use later. I will also help you deeper explore your relationship with seduction itself. Slightly more forceful than my normal style. [...]

Dizzy love potion, sweet sultry lotion. This exciting new recording is a devious concoction of lust and devotion. A blissful binding of pleasure and desire leaving you a happy slave to my grace. Isnt it curious how you can feel a certain trance.. Pulling you in. Buy me it seems to be saying to you. [...]

This session is free to listen online. If you would like to purchase this session you can do so below. This erotic hypnosis session gives you a sample of just how it feels to submit completely to a sexy hypnotist. Encapsulated by my trance. Obeying every word without thought. Includes sexy, deeply embedded, suggestions of [...]

Realm of darkness, realm of mystery. What does it feel like to hand your mind over completely to a true Goddess? This file is the first in a series of conditioning files, designed to let you know just how – pleasurable – it can be to submit completely to your Goddess. Includes graphic imagery as [...]

Get ready to enter a universe where all that matters to you are my feet & your intense desire to serve me. This file uses a devious mixture of brainwashing techniques & vivid hypnotic imagary, combined with powerful submliminal layering to take you to just where I want you to be. Now is the time [...]

A mouthwatering succulant journey which will be not one you will forget in a while. Drink my sweet potion. Taste my sweet juices. And prepare yourself for what may be the most significant experience in real erotic hypnosis. 26 minutes long. All downloads are sent instantly.   Press play below to sample before purchasing your [...]